How to Update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 10 beta

WatchOS 10 is currently in public beta following a release in early June, allowing you to try it out without having to go through a lot of hassles or shell out any money – provided you already own one of the top Apple Watch models that is compliant with the software.

There are many things to test out here, such as interactive widgets, revamped World Clock with Activity apps, and updated fitness and health features, such better hiking and biking tracking and a redesigned mindfulness app. There is therefore much to delve into, but there is no need to wait until Apple releases the completed watchOS 10 updates in September to do so.

So, here’s how to install the watchOS 10 beta on the Apple Watch if you want to test out these new capabilities while they’re still in the works. Just keep in mind that since this is still in beta, it may not be entirely stable and almost certainly has problems. But hey, beta testing serves just that!

Register for Apple’s beta tests

You must first sign up for admission to the betas on Apple’s beta site in order to get the watchOS 10 beta. Tap “Sign up” when you arrive there using the iPhone connected to your Apple Watch. You will be asked to sign into your Apple account in order to consent to terms. Keep in mind that if you have previously signed up for Appleā€™s public betas, you should be able to skip this step.

Update your iPhone’s software to iOS 17 beta

You have to download the iOS 17 beta in order to access the watchOS 10 beta because iOS 17 is necessary for watchOS 10 to function. For comprehensive instructions on how to install the iOS 17 beta for your iPhone, visit our detailed guide.

But in short, once you’ve signed up for betas (as described above), you can head to Settings > General > Software Update on your apple device and you should notice a new ‘Beta Updates’ option. Go back to the last screen, choose “iOS 17 Public Beta,” and then press “Download and Install.”

Update your Apple Watch to watchOS 10 beta

Prepare your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch needs to be prepared for the beta next. Make sure it is at least running watchOS 9.4 by opening the Watch application and selecting General > About or General > Software Update. The latter will allow you to download the most recent non-beta edition of watchOS if it isn’t already installed.

Next, confirm that the Apple Watch is charged, within range of the attached iPhone, and that Wi-Fi is turned on. Additionally, your Apple Watch must be charged at least 50%.

Download the beta of watchOS 10

It’s now time to download the watchOS 10 beta, and the procedure is the same as for installing the iOS 17 beta. Open the Watch app of your iPhone instead of your phone’s main settings screen, and then ead to General > Software Update. On your Apple Watch, you may also get the beta by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

In any case, press the ‘Beta Updates’ option here, then tap ‘watchOS 10 Public Beta’, return back to the current screen, then tap ‘Download and Install’. Then just wait for the procedure to be finished.

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