Atomic Heart’s Top 3 Character Skills You Can Try

In additament to its fundamental FPS components, Atomic Heart has two configurable RPG-style skill trees that can be accessed via NORA machines. The first appears to apply to the team’s A.I. glove partner, Char-les, and the second to a player character P-3. These character enhancements and abilities can improve a variety of game mechanics such as motion, ability to heal, and carrying capacity.

Character abilities, unlike glove skills in Atomic Heart, provide statistical boosts rather than visible ones; however, they may still be useful, particularly in terms of overall defense as well as damage uptake. Each ability will charge neuropolymers, a completely fictitious currency which is obtained from defeated comrades and loot-filled areas including such drawers, workstations, and locker rooms. Certain items, like the glove abilities, will be locked till the prerequisite ability is bought in the skill tree.

Cell Division

The “Cell Division” skill expands on healing by awarding the player high health regeneration in a matter of seconds – with no requirement for neuromeds. This means that a short dash may be sufficient to survive near misses with powerful enemies, emphasizing that flight can be more reasonable than fighting, especially when exploring this same surface.

Fans must first unleash “Sleazeball” as well as its preconditions “Second Wind,” “Wild Boar,” and “Nora’s Kiss” through the skill tree. This same “Cell Division” ability is the most costly available character ability, costing a whopping 242 neuropolymers.

Second Wind/Sleazeball

One of the fundamental abilities to perfect in Atomic Heart is the dodge mechanic. Given the scarcity of ammo, numerous foes are going to be faced in close combat range, where using the dodge can make the distinction between success as well as death. “Second Wind” gives a supplementary dodge before the recharge time timer is activated for only 8 neuropolymers, giving the players a second opportunity in nearer fights or simply an additional meter as well as two to spring aside from a pursuing attacking player.

“Sleazeball” would provide immunity to all harm while dodging for 62 neuropolymers, which can be extremely useful during boss fights or when fans are confronted with organizations of powerful opponents wielding laser weaponry.

Atomic-Heart's Character-Skill


The ingestion of Neuromeds – small caplets which link up with appendages of a gloves, Char-les, and reestablish roughly 50% of health on such activation – is the main mode of recovery in Atomic Heart. The problem is that they necessitate both hands, which means that the player must retreat and disengage during tense combat situations to heal up.

The “Juggler” ability allows P-3 to use Neuromeds on his own while preserving his gun arm free to engage in combat as needed. This ability could save crucial secs in battle and allow fans to continue fighting without fear of enemies being resurrected during disengagements. The “Musclehead” capacity and its prerequisites must be obtained first, however the “Juggler” ability is inexpensive, costing only 87 Neuropolymers.

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