3 Top Mobile Games of 2023 Should Try!

Just at best of times, compiling a conclusive list of the top smartphone games is a difficult – some would say dangerous – task. We’re talking about just a process that spans more than a decade and includes tens of millions of games distributed across iOS and Android.

So we’ve decided to start with a simple, unless slightly weird, premise. Which one of the top phone games would users encourage an alien to install first if it landed tomorrow and asked for a collision course in gaming? We’re not yet looking for mysterious gems or even run-away hits with such an unexpected filter applied. We’re looking at soul games that reflect something important.

We’ll also only include each game per installment, so we’ll generally (but not always) go with the first entry rather than the best. Let’s get started with with us list of the top mobile games.

Mafia City

We’re confident that many readers are already cognizant of Mafia City as a result of the relentless promotional campaign behind it. It’s a game we’d like to recommend because it’s a bizarre mix of strategy gameplay and a storyline about transforming into a new mafia boss.

While many strategy games are set in history or fictional realms, this one has you trying to run a criminal organization in a modern-day city, which is pretty cool.

You choose one buildings to construct, and these provide you with new opportunities and resources to train new kinds of units. Then you decide whether you want to perform cooperatively with friends, assisting each other in expanding your empires, or if users want to do fight and remove other players who get in your way.


Epic Seven

Do you enjoy watching anime? Is there anything more exciting than the random enthusiasm of a gacha game? In that case, humans recommend that you try Epic Seven. This free program is all about trying to assemble a team of champions and then leading them through spin RPG battles as the story progresses.

You really get a sense for the game’s large cast of characters through the writing, and the gacha multiplayer means that you’ll likely grow connected to a distinct group of individuals than that other player. Add to that the fact that it includes some really well-done anime cutscenes, and you have an experience that is both engaging and addictive.

Pokémon GO

You’ll have to reassure us what other mobile game has managed to keep individuals returning for just as a while as Pokémon Go. It was founded in 2016 and is still going strong. As you fight and capture adorable critters near real-world landmarks, this was the game that really made the most of AR and location-based gameplay.

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