How to Turn Off the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Mode

Using the Do Not Disturb method on your iPhone may seem counterintuitive; after all, it’s a gadget intended to assist you stay in touch with people, but in our always-on world, having switched off has become increasingly important.

Many of the flagship smartphones allow users to activate various profiles and settings according to their needs, and Apple phones have a number of the most thorough and configurable Do Not Disturb features. Even so, as many of the best smartphone features, you’ll have to hunt for them and fiddle with them until they’re just correct for you.

If you’re willing to establish some boundaries and spend more time away from your mobile screen, or even to minimize the number of interruptions you may encounter when using it, we’ve covered you — how to enable and configure the Do Not Disturb and Focus methods on your iPhone.

Do you simply want to enable the breach Do Not Disturb mode? If you skip to step seven, you’ll miss out on a few of the nicest Focus characteristics on your iPhone!

How-to-turn-on-dont-disturb mode

Here are the Guide

Navigate to the Settings > Focus menu

To begin, go to your iPhone’s Settings app (the gray emblem with a cog on it), which should be located on your main website. If you’ve just activated your mobile, it should be in the final row on the far right. Next, scroll to the second collective of options and select Focus.

Select a profile from the Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, or Sleep categories

You’ll find 4 distinct Focus profiles here, each with a unique purpose. The first is the supreme commander Do Not Disturb mode, which you should optimize for general use when you desire to be left alone. Other 3 — Personal, Work, and Sleep — let you create different profiles based on your needs. You can also create new profile information by having to click the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner of this page.

The process for creating customized Focus methods is the same for all profiles, so select a profile to personalize and you will be taken to the settings dashboard for that profile. You can customize a wide range of options from notifications to aesthetic appeal and scheduling from this dashboard. If you have other Apple products such as the Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook, you can use this menu to share Focus methods across devices.

Change the Notification Settings for Do Not Disturb and Focus mode

You can pick which folks and apps can circumvent your selected known to be important with notifications, texts, and calls in the notifications configuration group on the dashboard. You can also customize how notifications appear on your Lock Screen by clicking Options from the dashboard. Come back to the dashboard once you’ve made these changes.

Personalize the Lock and Home Screen pages

You can edit or choose your Lock and Home Screen setup from the dashboard by either choosing existing Lock Screens you’ve established or creating new ones which minimize the number of distractions you experience or show specific widgets that allow you to check in on things quickly.

For example, we configured our Do Not Disturb profile to display the weather, the percentage of our phone’s battery, and any Birthdays from our Friend on Facebook lists. When you’ve decided on or formed your Lock and Home screens, click done.

How to Turn On Don’t Disturb Focus Mode

We may now activate our unique Do Not Disturb Focus mode. You can access the Command Center by swiping down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone, where it displays your battery usage. If you’re new iPhone user, this is a pretty useful dashboard that you can configure with buttons to help you rapidly complete tasks on your phone.

Simply tap the symbol with a crescent inside of a circle to swiftly activate Do Not Disturb. This will also turn on and off the Focus mode. Press anywhere else on the same button if you wish to utilize a different Focus mode or use a specific on/off trigger.

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