The Top Dolby Atmos Soundbars for Home Theater in 2023

The greatest Dolby Atmos bluetooth speakers make it possible to listen your favorite television shows and movies in a more interactive and natural manner. Dolby Atmos is an audio format for surround sound.

Instead of being attached to a specific speaker in a setup, each sound is documented as an object instance – or somebody screaming, a dog yapping, a helicopter overhead – that is mapped in 3D space. It also supports sound channels at different heights as well as streams around you.

This means that if you see a drone hovering above your head on screen, it will also sound like it is flying above your head. Sound is essentially placed where it would naturally be based on what you’re watching just on screen, with greater accuracy and effectiveness than traditional surround sound.

If you enjoy the home cinema experience while enjoying your favorite shows and movies, a one of the ideal Dolby Atmos soundbars is worth considering. The best AV recipients deliver the same untarnished demonstration of Dolby Atmos theme songs when partnered with an audio system speaker system.

But these configurations take up a significant amount of space, use a lot of wire as well as cables, and can expensive. That is where the best floorstanding speakers come into play.

Top Dolby Atmos Soundbars for Home Theater in 2023

Sony HT-G700

We believe the Sony HT-G700 manages to hit an outstanding sweet spot in terms of features, price, and sound scale. That’s a Dolby Atmos bluetooth speaker and wifi subwoofer in one, and it’s suitable for TVs 48 inches and larger.

As we’ve become accustomed to from Sony products, this soundbar is more than just car radio, as good as it is. It clearly supports the both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats in order to make this list. Sony employs sound quality processing and sound wizardry to start creating a wall of sounds that left us speechless.

It extends far beyond the boundaries of ones Television screen, but now with convincing sound positioning and direction. We don’t think it sounds as good as the Sonos Arc inside the guidance below, and it’s definitely up there.

Sony, on the other hand, hasn’t neglected about the fundamentals. The subwoofer adds depth to the bass that a Sonos Arc can’t beat on its own and we discovered speech to be very clear even now in crowded action soundtracks — even with the speaker mode turned off.

Downsides? Because there are no dedicated upfiring channels, we discovered the Atmos performance to be a little lacking at times when tried to compare to our Sony AV amp with dedicated Atmos speakers. And, if we’re being picky, we’d say it’s mildly less vibrant for sudden blasts and swelling soundtracks than the Sonos Arc or Samsung HW-Q800A — but it is lot cheaper. So it is the most visual experience users can get for the money.

Samsung HW-Q990B

The Samsung HW-Q990B is a high-end Dolby Atmos soundbar scheme from Samsung’s 2022 range, and it’s largely an updated version of the Samsung HW-Q950A in the guidance above — which should suit you if you want a cheaper soundbar. It, like the HW-Q950A, provides 11.1.4 streams of sound that it instructs over and around you via a soundbar, subwoofer, and two wireless back wheel speaker units.

The previous model has been significantly improved. We discovered that new ‘acoustic lens’ just on subwoofer better distributes sound throughout the room. Furthermore, the rear voices have been re – designed to improve the precision of a upfiring drivers, and there is now ‘Space Fit’ automated compensation to aid in the preservation of detail.


With four distinct speaker units and a channel count that would make most separates-based systems blush, the LG S95QR pushes the boundaries of what a soundbar can be. It is built to give the cleanest speech possible without losing surround sound or that crucial low-end thud, and it has an unique 9.1.5 channel arrangement with an up-firing center speaker in addition to the standard surround ones.

It was created in collaboration with the manufacturer of high-end speakers Meridian and features a unique Meridian music option that reorganizes stereo music to utilize more of the S95QR’s channels. With incredible power, a vast dynamic range, and an astoundingly accurate soundstage.

This LG soundbar it was without a doubt the company’s best-sounding product to date. It’s on par with the greatest Dolby Atmos soundbars currently on the market, and it works as well with music and movies.

The price is the only true drawback in this situation as it is significantly higher than that of the Samsung HW-Q930B. However, it’s a strong, appealing, and compelling soundbar that pairs especially well with one of the greatest LG TVs.

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