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Mr. Soliman Alaer “Dexter ” Villamin Jr.

Founder, DV Boer Farms

I used to be working in pastry department of a 5-star hotel in Manila and my speedy promotion as Pastry Chef inspired me even more to take advantage of the opportunity to work abroad as an Executive Pastry Chef in Bangkok, Thailand.

I considered myself as someone who was at the right place at the right time as I eventually became a sales manager in a company whose business was about the importation of pastry related food products primarily agricultural products like meat and dairy. Such a varied experience probed to be the turning point in my career as I ventured into establishing my own food related business in Bangkok. As a natural consequence of my newfound profitable business endeavor, I had to visit countries in Europe where I attended various food exhibits and seminars on agricultural food products and the accurate sourcing of the same.

Indeed, it was a very fantastic career development in terms of profitability, broadened horizon and learning experience and in the midst of my early successes; it dawned upon me the realization of greater opportunity in agri-business since agriculture is the source of food production and is the key to food security. I realized the potential of agri-business in a country like the Philippines (where I came from) with vast natural resources and vegetation to sustain large scale and widespread livestock raising project for instance. I realized also the irony behind the fact that many Filipinos were trying hard to be able to work abroad when in reality, greater opportunities thrived in their naturally very rich native land.

Finally, I realized then that it was the right time to be at the right place once again and when that inherent sense of social responsibility and nationalistic fervor got the best of me, I decided to come home for good. I then began the propagation of agriculture based socio-economic endeavor initially by way of goat breeding and raising notwithstanding my meager financial resources for that purpose. With the common good foremost in my mind, I prepared myself for the expected greater challenge ahead as I strengthened my faith in the perfect guidance by the Divine Providence to get me through.

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